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Free yourself from the entrepreneurial trap

Take the first step to building a business that runs without you

Is your business keeping you hostage?

Do you feel that you are missing opportunities because there are not enough hours in the day to work on your business?

Are you constantly interrupted by questions from your staff and clients?

Do you wish you had time to implement those great ideas hidden at the back of your notebook?

Are you spending too much time on administrative tasks like email management, payment management, and contract management?

Is your business taking over your life?

Let me help you become the CEO of your small business

Our name Rodi, is the Greek word for pomegranate, the delicious fruit and symbol of life and abundance. Rodi is the symbol of a thriving small business.

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they are seeking freedom and abundance. They want to pursue their passion, manage their time, serve their clients while making an income that will sustain their ideal lifestyle. If this is you keep reading.

Somebody once told me that an entrepreneur is someone who prefers to work 80 hours per week for himself instead of 40 hours per week for someone else. While this rings true to my ears, I don’t think successful entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week.
I am here to tell you that you can:
  • Have the time to taste the fruits of your effort
  • Plant the seeds and watch your big ideas grow
  • Organise the backend of your business
  • Have a team that you trust
  • Enjoy a life of abundance (abundance of revenue and time)

Hi there! My name is Sophia and am a Business Efficiency expert. 


I am here to help small businesses grow by utilising the power of systems, teams and automation


I am a mediterranean living in Switzerland with my husband and two kids. I love nature, numbers, sports and organisation. My process-oriented thinking led me to a degree in Chemical Engineering and a top led MBA. My passion for efficiency and customer service led me to operational leadership positions in multinational companies.

For the last ten years I am helping service-based businesses to streamline their operations. If you want to simplify your life as a CEO, save time and take your small business to the next level you are in the right place. 

 I am here to help you fulfil your mission by creating the map, the systems and the accountability to get there. I keep you on track and I keep you calm and sane. I bring back the fun into building a business and a team. 

Let’s organise the​ back-end of your business so that you can achieve your goals without having a burnout

  1. Achieve your goals
    • No more running in circles. We will be heading straight towards your goals and we will be measuring your progress along the way
  2. Take a  vacation
    • No need to close shop for the holidays. No need to continue working either. Visionary CEOs need to take the time to unplug and recharge their batteries.With my help your business will continue running and producing revenue even if you are not there.  

  3. Create a winning team
    • No more office gossip. We will create a team that performs and has fun. I will help you develop your team into a self-sufficient organism that everyone wants to be a part of
  1. Control your Finances
    • No more ketchup sandwiches for dinner. We will work with your accountant and create a solid system to manage your revenues and expences
  2. Be the visionary CEO
    • You will not be a captive of admin anymore. Surely every business has administrative tasks like sending emails, creating appointments, sending invoices etc. With my help we will automate and delegate these tasks so that you are free to create the vision for your company
  3. Have peace of mind
    • No more sleepless nights. By implementing systems and processes your business will become predictable. By staying on top of changes in your sector, we will create a way to stay on top of your game

Ready to uplevel your business and your life?

Before working with Sophie I had my systems all over the place. Sophie was great at helping me have a system that has stuck and I have been using it now for over a year and I saved so much money and time. On top, she is a wonderful person to work with and she gets it.

Stephanie LaTorre

Owner, EGM Management Consultant

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